Together, the priest and the Vestry oversee church operations, provide direction, and support the mission and ministry of the parish.  Each member of the Vestry is responsible for the effectiveness of the ministries of St. James’, shaping and guiding them for the growth of the congregation and for outreach to the community beyond our walls.  Members of the Vestry are committed to pursuing their personal growth as leaders and to ministering to one another in Christian community.

The Vestry of St. James is made up of the Rector and nine elected members. The executive function of the Vestry is carried out by the Rector, the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, and the Treasurer.

Barbara Johnson, Sr. Warden

Bill headshot.jpg
Bill Corson

David Simmons


Jay Bragdon

Laura Kent

Fiona McElwain, Jr. Warden
timsink small.jpg

Tim Sink

Julie Groppe

Sally Garmon

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Tina Miller