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Stewardship 2022

Abound in Hope  - Romans 15-13

Hope is St. James’ stewardship theme this year. Whether we gather for worship inside the sanctuary, in the Memorial Garden, or online, we recognize our blessings no matter the current circumstance.

We see Hope in being part of this congregation, and we invite others into our worship and fellowship. While we wait for the time when we can once again completely fill the sanctuary, we’re exploring new ways of “being church” that may expand our reach to people we may not have seen before.

We see Hope and renewal in the Woodstock community, and we look forward to returning to our traditions like the Liturgy Festival and the St. James Fair.

We see Hope in being together, and we know that St. James is there for us as an extended “family” with whom we can share our worries and our joys.

You are invited to make a Commitment of Hope for the year ahead! Take a moment to reflect on how you would like to engage with the St. James community in 2022. How would you like to deepen your prayer life, share your presence with the community, and pledge to support one another?  While your commitment of prayer and presence is one you make between you and God, you are invited to make your annual pledge to St. James so that we may prepare our budget for the coming year. No matter how large or small, every dollar goes towards fulfilling our shared ministries. 

A Guide to Financial Giving at St. James’


At St. James Episcopal Church, we encourage generosity in every aspect of our common life: through the ways we volunteer our time to the church and wider community; through the ways we offer our specific gifts and talents in service of our Lord; and in the ways we use our financial resources. We believe that responsible and disciplined financial stewardship – giving back to God a portion of what God has given us – is critical to spiritual health. By giving freely and bountifully to God through the ministry of our parish, we enable a tremendous amount of good work to be done within and outside the walls of our Church.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “pledge?” 

A pledge is a commitment to give a certain amount of money to sustain the Church community and to encourage growth. You are welcome here, and your pledge helps us extend that welcome to others. Your pledge to St. James’ says, “I am part of this community and I want to show that this parish and its values are important to me.”

Why does my pledge mean so much to St. James’? 

At St. James’ we depend almost exclusively on pledges to fund and fulfill our mission. Our Annual Church Fair funds our outside mission projects but all the funds needed to sustain the life of our community come from our members’ pledges. Indeed, unlike some denominations, we receive no money from the Diocese or National Church. Quite the opposite: we pay an annual assessment to help fund the ministry of the wider church. 

How do I decide how much to pledge to St. James’? 

Your giving is as personal as your prayer life, and only you can know what is right for you at this stage of your journey. The important thing is to make a heartfelt commitment. You’ll find that as St. James’ grows, you are growing too. 

Who sees my pledge? 

The only people who see your pledge, besides God, are the Stewardship Chair, the Parish Treasurer, and the Assistant Treasurer. These are kept in strict confidence.


With whom may I speak for additional information? 

Feel free to be contact our Rector, Amy Spagna, at

How do I pledge?

We ask you to tell us about your pledge by completing a pledge card — either in person or online. Pledges can be made weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. The pledging process is simple and tax statements are issued to those who wish to deduct their pledge contributions from their taxable income. Weekly offering envelopes, if requested, are made available soon after pledges are received.

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